About InnoDev

InnoDev was established in 2010 by its principal consultant and Managing Director Ms. Patricia Dlamini. The founder had a vision to create a one stop shop that will offer its clients a full spectrum of services in socio-economic development, regional innovation systems, township & rural economies revitalization and entrepreneurship ecosystems & SMME development. With high demand on expertise in SED, LED and SMME Development, the work InnoDev was put on hold whilst the principal consultant went on to head several institutions that championed the socio-economic agenda  through the expansion of regional innovation ecosystems, entrepreneurship for inclusive economic development in localities (see attached BIOG).   

Seven years later, the firm boost of a team of skilled, passionate and highly experienced development practitioners and strategists with over 20 years’ combined experience in Socio-economic Development (SED), Regional Systems of Innovation, Local Economic Development (LED), Enterprise Development (ED) and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems, Business Coaching & Mentoring and Leadership, Governance of NPOs, IT Advisory and Assurance, Governance, Risk & Compliance. InnoDev offers its clients well researched and thought through services as it believes that there is no sustainable development if issues of governance, risk, compliance and stakeholder engagement are not brought to the fore of all projects & interventions.


A lead consultancy firm in delivering innovative socio economic development solutions throughout the continent.

Mission Statement

Providing leadership and development services to improve the socio-economic conditions of communities through tailor-made innovative & sustainable solutions and platforms for our client partners. Our services aim at stimulating inclusive economic growth; regional investment; effective regional innovation ecosystems systems  and supporting entrepreneurship through strengthened ecosystems; contributing to the social up-liftment of the communities through upskilling, training, education and enterprise development drawing on academia private public partnerships; strategic stakeholder identification, mapping, engagement & dialogues. All InnoDev programmes are designs informed by scientific research data developed either in house or in partnership with academic institutions.

Our Value Proposition

Interconnectedness - Our vision, values, people, policies & systems, social capital, institutional arrangement, and culture , safe guard and buffer against the impact of external factors hence the application of resilience strategies in all our client projects.

Innovation – Through innovative ecosystems InnoDev offers its clients and partners new possibilities by finding alternative solutions to old problems; initiate or generate ideas and serve as a development think tank for the region; pilot new development initiatives; be the catalyst for sustainable change in the region.